Our self service Laundry is open every day from Monday to Sunday 9:00 AM- 10:00 PM

The self service laundry is in our netcafe at the back part of the shop! Just come into the netcafe and ask for help or look around!
Washing or drying programs can be started till 10:30 PM separately, wash and dry can be started till 6:30 PM in the evening as we close at 9:30 PM daily.
We give you soap and softener, so all you need bring are your clothes for the self service laundry.
Altough we have a self service laundry the employees working there are happy to help you out.
Ask information or help we help you to do the self service laundry or we even do for you the laundry.
You can spend your time fine our internet cafe while the washing, and drying is ready.   www.electriccafe.hu
Budapest laundry